May ’16

What’s going on with the project?

The past month has been a bitter-sweet month for us, at Camp Canaan. It’s been a time of receiving and letting go. A time of growth and change. From training camps and running events to saying farewell to such wonderful volunteers who have been an integral part of the team, this month has been enriching.

The month began with our first training camp of the year. The entire volunteer team and staff retreated for the weekend to a seaside town. We spent the time growing in our camp community; Learning to build trust, practicing transparency and vulnerability with each other and also being trained in climbing techniques and skill. Thanks to some expert Swedes who took the time to teach and train us. Spending time with them made it hard to say goodbye when the time came for them to leave.

Sara, Sophia, Louise and Elin came over from Sweden to volunteer with us at Camp Canaan for 3 months. They spent their time training and equipping us in climbing and swimming. Each of them also had their own story to offer to the kids here and to us. We are grateful for friendship that crosses countries and cultures and brings about a bigger purpose. The highlight of having them with us, has been the trip we took to inspect a piece of property. It was wonderful to have their support, guidance and prayers during that visit. We at Camp Canaan bless them for sharing their life story with us and pray  that God may continue to bless them as they settle back into lives in Sweden.

The month slowly moved into a season of newness. We are blessed to be given our own office space to function from. Our office is now set up at the Little Lambs School. It is encouraging to be surrounded by children and people that share our vision and passion. We have been spending time cleaning up and making the room… ours. It’s been exciting to watch us grow, even in terms of administration.

It’s also amazing to see how God brings people along our way; people who contribute to us in so many ways – time, money, energy and through a variety of resources. This month we’ve been blessed to collaborate with an advocate, who has been extremely helpful regarding the property paperwork and we also want to thank a past volunteer of Little Lambs, Tina Randstrom for contributing towards our camp equipment, which we got to put to use in an event just days later. Thank you for being a part of this vision.

Camp Canaan was blessed to be given an opportunity where we organised and executed a day filled with activities, for a prominent church in Chennai, Emmanuel Methodist Church (EMC). With the theme, ‘Camp Kilimanjaro’, it was apt to put together a range of challenging outdoor activities for about 200+ children. The highlight of this event was getting to see a volunteer team of 15 youngsters come together to run all the activities. it was wonderful to receive such positive feedback from the church, the kids and leaders. It was also encouraging seeing young volunteers give up a Saturday to wake up early and spend the day in the hot summer sun; truly inspiring. Thank you team for carrying out the mission from the very heart of God.

It is part of any journey to experience new things and to let go of others. Letting go and change is never easy but the ‘new’ that lies ahead is far greater than what we leave behind. Let us be encouraged as we move into the second half of the year 2016, that our destiny outweighs our history.

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